I'm Jonathan Law Hui Hao, a Business Intelligence analyst in Malaysia who enjoys working with tech, RPA and Machine Learning!

A comprehensive list of small projects that I think will keep you in the 2022 trend for beginners looking into dipping their toes in the field of data

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A new year is coming and perhaps learning a new skill or getting a new job is on your checklist. Fear not as we will be looking into 5 projects in no particular order I think will help you learn and impress your potential employers.

Beginners can start with using…

Matching 2 different sources of product reviews by Malaysian using fuzzy string matching, and a comparison between Jaccard and Levenshtein algorithm.

This scenario came when I had to match product reviews from a few Malaysian-based online shopping platforms. And what makes us Malaysian’s special is how we spell and give product reviews.

Amazon review (top) compared with reviews from Malaysians (bottom). Screenshot provided by the author.

I have decided to share this challenge that I came across, and together with a few scenarios that may…

Making sure all changes in Big Query are accountable for


Working with teams using Big Query and creating views can get messy when people start changing views without informing other members of the team.

Snipper of comments on top of an SQL file
The snippet is taken from the author Big Query view

Some teams are accustomed to using comments on the top of the view, or even a spreadsheet to record changes. …

Summing up my year with a tutorial on data scrapping and analysis on Tinder users around me according to my preference.

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A small introduction

Tinder as we know it is a matchmaking app that both parties have to swipe right on each other to match. Over the years, Tinder has evolved and unofficially been used as an app for hookups or just finding friends to socialize with.

Our goal today is to find out…

Hi Piotr,

It is because "terraform init" needs some configurations to initialize your environment.

TLDR you need to create a tf file in your directory before running "terraform init" in your Powershell.

For example, in this section:


A provider.tf file is created first stating what provider I will be using, then only you "terraform init" it. So what terraform init does is it will download the required dependencies or "settings for Google" in the example above. Hopefully my answer helps you get started, else just let me know!

A counterintuitive use of data that might spread like wildfire as we move into the data-driven era.

While the use of data is not new, it has certainly been in the spotlight in recent years. To some extent, everyone (yes, including you) uses data in their daily lives. Companies are making decisions based on data, from projecting their revenue to optimizing their services and cost. …

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